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When a South African who loves the Bushveld, marries a Kiwi Builder who loves the sea, and they build their home on the coast, the result is: "The Salty Bushman". 

A unique, luxurious, coastal B&B.

It is a passive house, built in 2021, with handcrafted furniture and a great mix of urban and rustic tones.

Situated in the beautiful Kaka Point which forms part of the stunning Catlins of New Zealand. 

The Oceanfront B&B hosts stunning views of the famous Nugget point lighthouse and the coastline. 

Take a 150m walk down to Bates beach or a kilometre walk down to the main beach and centre.

Or just relax and enjoy our beautiful guest lounge or a bit of sun on the deck.

Nearby attractions include: The NEUX restaurant and the Port Molyneux School Wedding venue which are only a stone throw away.

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